About Eric F. Myers:


“My head is constantly overflowing with ideas for stories and illustrations. I can’t keep up with my mind’s demands for constant output. I’ve have shelves of notebooks and boxes of paper scraps full of notes waiting to be fleshed out and realized. The day that I stop creating art is the day I’ve stopped breathing.”


“Art is what separates human from beast. Without art civilation would have no meaning. We might as well be gathering berries and living in caves. That is until a few of us start smearing blood and mud on the walls, making pictures to entertain the rest.”


“The combination of words and pictures is the most powerful medium in the world. Politicians, celebrities, businessmen, and religious leaders all fear the cartoonist.”



Eric F. Myers is a visual artist, specialising in pen and ink cartooning and illustrations (though at times he’s been known to paint a picture or two). He currently lives in Illinois with his awesome wife, and their three lovely daughters.

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